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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Marjorie DeSpain0May 23, 2020Details
Marjorie DeSpain1May 22, 2020Details
Matthew & Timothy Graveson7May 9, 2020Details
Prayer List6April 7, 2020Details
Spiritual revival in US8April 5, 2020Details
Bill Buckert8April 5, 2020Details
PrAyer for guidance11April 4, 2020Details
Healthcare workers11April 2, 2020Details
Health Care Worker8April 1, 2020Details
People losing jobs10April 1, 2020Details
oral surgery & COVID 1910March 22, 2020Details
Concerns9March 22, 2020Details
Overcommer 11February 21, 2020Details
Please Pray For Me16October 9, 2019Details

Marjorie DeSpain

Lois Azbill
For my aunt, Marjorie DeSpain., who passed on Thursday, May 21.

Marjorie DeSpain

Joye Tripson
For the family of Marjorie DeSpain, upon her death. She is not a member of FUMC, but was served homebound communion at Greatwood assisted living.

Matthew & Timothy Graveson

Young men (20s) who have COVID-19. Matthew is hospitalized on ventilator, ecmo (heart/lung machine), and dialysis with multiple organ failure. Timothy is his younger brother who is being monitored at home with extremely high fever (104), but not hospitalized yet. Parents - Sherry & George Graveson, could also use prayers for comfort and strength.

Prayer List

Heather Linville
James Nussbaum Raquel Tuso Mindee Szmagalski

Spiritual revival in US

Debbie Durham
I request prayer for a spiritual renewal in our nation during this crisis. That we would turn to the Lord in repentance and belief, rejoicing in who He is and His Love for all sinners through Christ Jesus.

Bill Buckert

Debbie Durham
Bill would be healed and grow closer to the Lord in his time of isolation.

PrAyer for guidance

Jimmie Williams
Although at high risk because of chemo and low white count, still working as a pharmacist Also the president and all those elected to govern

Healthcare workers

Kelly Hill
Prayers for protection , strength, courage & rest for my sister Holly & neice Kirsten who are both nurses working during this pandemic and for all healthcare workers!

Health Care Worker

Please be with the health care workers

People losing jobs

Prayers for those who have lost their jobs

oral surgery & COVID 19

Joye Tripson
*Verla Wilhoit has oral surgery scheduled for Friday, 03/27/20, hoping it can be done, her son will be with her *Leah Green Doyle, RN in Houston hospital, in respiratory care, encountering patients with COVID19, prayers for her safety, the need for medical equipment (having to use mask more than one) and her children who will be with her parents


Safety of all health care providers.


Michelle Brown
Please pray for me that I am able to obey God and do what he commands. Please pray for my life to be a living testimony about the goodness of God. Pray that my lifestyle can draw many to salvation.

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.